Breaking His Nuts to Pieces with My Sharp Stiletto Heels

It’s fri nite & I’m about to leave to go meet my g/f’s at the club. So I make this wimp hand over his credit card & use my sharp stiletto heels to totally destroy anything between his legs. I tell him that if he helps me “break in these shoes for dancing”, I’ll allow him to hang out with us & buy us drinks. But unfortunately for this cuck, my sharp stiletto heels make sure that’s not even a possibility. And by the time I’m done, the wimp can’t even move. But that’s ok though. The cuck will still have to pay for all of our drinks. Even though his balls are now broken & he can’t even stand up & no longer feels “up” to coming out with us. I can’t wait to tell all my g/f’s how I just ruined this beta wimp. And I know that we’re all going to laugh hysterically over this pathetic cuck’s misfortune over drinks tonite! Ha ha.