Ball And Cock Tickling

Endurance Tickling (Pt 4)- Massive Cum Load

The last part of this tickle series cums to a really hot conclusion. Maya Sinstress has her very sensitive tickle slave tied up on his back with his legs apart. She uses her fingertips and red nails to gently tickle his groin area. Then, she uses a battery operated exfoliated brush to start driving him crazy. She switches over to gliding makeup brushed over his cock and balls. He giggles like a school girl while he starts getting hard. Sinstress starts really digging in by using her hands again and an electric toothbrush. He is rock hard and laughing. He’s not going to last long! A massive stream of cum oozes out for a long period of time. It’s so much cum it drips down his ass and onto the table. He is completely worn out and still laughing after a long 2 hour tickling session.