Athena had a great freshmen year in college and now she’s back home for the summer,  she is immediately in for a rude awakening as she sees some man sleeping in her bed!  she calls her mom at work who tells her it’s not exactly her room anymore,  Charles,  a long time family friend,  had recently gone through a divorce and had been staying with them for the past few weeks.   Athena is super tired from her trip and decides to take a nap, she goes upstairs to her room and starts to undress to climb into bed,  she then puts on some shorts but then decides to take them off again!  she’s always had a little thing for Charles when she was growing up so some mischievous thoughts pop into her head,  she winds up climbing into bed in just her tank top and panties,  and scoots all the way over the Charles…  and before you blame Charles for partaking in forbidden fruit,  hooking up with the daughter of his very good friends,  keep in mind that Athena is damn hot!