Locked During Office Hours

Your boss has called you in for a meeting, you’re not sure about what but as she ushers you in with a firm tone you begin to doubt it’s good news. She calmly goes on to explain that she’s received a number of complaints from other members of the staff. It seems your mostly female colleagues have noticed the staring you thought was subtle and your extended trips to the bathroom haven’t gone unnoticed. In a matter of fact way she summises that you’ll simply have to be kept in chastity for the duration of your working day. Demonstrating the locking mechanism before briskly telling you to drop your trousers she fits the silicone cage to you, flippatly belittling your genitals as she goes. When your dick is secure she tucks the keys into her pocket and sends you back to work saying she’ll see you at the of the day. Hopefully now that you won’t be so easily distracted, although you boys do find it so hard to control yourselves 😉