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Med Student Learns Sounding on Unsuspecting Patient- mp3 only

Johnny Starlight is a new medical student. Today, Head Nurse Mistress Liz is teaching Her about a brand new technique, and She has the perfect patient to use. Jacquie Blu is waiting for them when they come into her room and naively asks, “What are you going to do today?” Liz and Johnny each share a small laugh and a smile. They pull on their rubber gloves and spread Their patient’s legs, teasing her thighs and preparing her to remove her panties so the Nurses can give her reproductive organs a thorough exam.Mistress Liz pulls out a small black case and opens it, revealing a wide range in size of medical sounds. Jacquie’s eyes go wide with nervous anticipation. Today, Nurse Liz is teaching Medical Student Johnny how to use sounds, and she’ll be learning on Jacquie Blu!The sadistic Nurses work her up in size, inserting and removing multiple sounds, stretching her little hole as far as it can go. It’s soon clear that not only is Johnny loving this, but naughty little Jacquie is, too. The Nurses begin stroking and playing with her genitals with the largest sound she can take still inside of her, assuring that everything is working properly and bringing Jacquie to orgasm. Find us on Twitter!Mistress Liz: @MistressLizSaysJohnny Starlight: @MsStarlightXXXJacquie Blu: @TSJacquie *THIS IS AN MP3 ONLY*Buy the Video! —> CLICK HERE