Cock Tease

Pro$tit seducing a religious priest ct

Order: “You are seen wearing a tight revealing T-shirt with shorts and nails painted. You are sitting and eating some meat, when a priest comes home to advice you. He comes inside and says you should not seduce men and make them her slaves and she should not eat meat. You come to him with the meat in hand, start eating infront of him, laughing at him. You say “I will eat all kind of meat, I will also eat your penis, come to me and I will take you into my hands and seduce you”. The priest says that he will not come and asks her to stop. You go near him catch him in your hands and put bad breath into his nose, and say the words “Kussu Kussu” loudly again and again. [Let there be separate closeup shots of you telling the word KUSSU KUSSU in front of the camera] And also you grab his crotch and starts squeezing tightly making him helpless and dizzy. Finally he becomes weak and falls into your hands . You hold there for some time be fondling his crotch and licking his face and telling Kussu Kussu. Then from there you lift him in your hands and put him on your waist like carrying a . You laugh loudly telling that “Now I have you in my hands and there is no escape…..I will steal your semen and sell it to people for money…I will take you and milk you” You take him to the sofa or bed and make him sleep on it. You also sleep beside him and slowly starts squeezing and fondling his bulge in his pants and you start licking his face and tell “Kussu Kussu” near his nose pushing your bad breath. He isand helpless. After some fondling, you slowly unzip his pants and put your hand into it and start fondling his cock through his underwear for sometime and later pull his dick out and milk him.”